KOMODO national park – 2 days

Departs all year around
Price on request

This is a short trip that you can easily can combine with your vacation in Bali.
You get to see the world famous Komodo dragons and the rich bird life that is the consequence of protecting the dragons.
There is a large population of the critically endangered Lesser Sulphur-crested Cockatoo here and also really good diving/snorkelling waters.

Day1: We fly from Bali to Labuanbajo in west Flores in mid morning. From the harbour we catch our local sail boat (pinisi) to get to the island of Rinca. The forest rangers will guide us to see the dragons and the cockatoos.
In late afternoon we will go to the neighbouring island Kelor to see the thousands of bats leaving their caves for the night.

We sleep and eat all our meals on the boat.

Day2: Snorkelling in the waters of the national park before we go back to the harbour in west Flores and fly back to Bali in the afternoon.

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