WAIGEO 6 days

Departure on request
Price on request

Day 1 Mehd will meet you in the airport in Jakarta, Surabaya or Denpasar (Bali) to take the night flight to Sorong, Papua.

Day 2 You will land in Sorong in the morning and get some provision before you catch the ferry to Waigeo (2 hours). You arrive in the afternoon and will go to the village by taxi. There will be time for late afternoon birding and maybe a swim in one of the best diving waters in the world (Raja Empat).
Wilson's Bird of Paradise

Day 2-5 We stay in the village birding and will have several opportunities to go for the Wilson BOP at his lek and also for the Red BOP at their dancing tree.
Apart from these two gems we will also have opportunity to see some other species as the Glossy Mantled Manucode, Variable Pitohuis, Palm Cockatoos,
Hooded Butcherbird, Rufous-bellied Kookaburra, Beach Kingfisher and a huge
number of Eclectus parrots.
If you’re not very keen on Wilson, you can opt to stay in the village and make the trip a parrot trip. You won’t be disappointed.

Apart from the birding the whole experience is great, living on bungalows on water, snorkeling and swimming is a daily activity. We stay in accommodation owned and managed by locals thus helping the local economy in developing their own Eco tourism program with the aim to save the flora and fauna of the region. We are the only tour operator staying in this village and we have the birds completely to ourselves – and also the beach.

The hut we're stying at in Waigeo, managed by the village.
The hut we’re staying at in Waigeo, managed by the village.

Day 5 We get back to the ferry around noon and will be back in Sorong in time for dinner. We stay the night in a nice hotel with AC and hot shower, which will be nice after 5 days of  basic living.

Day 6 We take an early flight back to our starting point.

This is great to combine with a business trip or if you want to do your own thing for a few days, while your traveling companion does something else.
It’s also great if you want to do a combo with a few days of touristing in Bali.

Included: Mehd as a tour guide. All meals and accomodation. All domestic flights. All local transport (boat and taxi), local guides and porters.

For further information, please e-mail us at birdingindonesia1@gmail.com

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