One of Mehd’s missions – World Parrot Trust

Mehd’s life is filled with birds – you know that by now 🙂
Parrots have always been closest to his heart (and mine) and he has been a part of World Parrot Trust since 2010.
Indonesian projects at the World Parrot Trust are Yellow-crested Cockatoos (Cacatua sulphurea), Mitchell’s Lorikeets (Trichoglossus h. mitchelli)  and Red-and-blue Lories (Eos histrio).
They are also supporting Tasikoki Wildlife and Rescue Centre in north Sulawesi, a place that receives much of what is seized in the illegal trade there. Two years ago they received 100+ Red-and-blue Lories, last year 50+ Black-capped Lories and just today 10 more threatened birds – among them more Red-and-blur Lories.
WPT is also supporting the private zoo in Surabaya which house the cockatoos that were smuggled in plastic water bottles earlier this year (I’m sure you saw the pictures).

Sulphur-crested Cocaktoo - Cacatua s. sulphurea from Sulawesi

Sulphur-crested Cocaktoo – Cacatua s. sulphurea from Sulawesi

You can read more about Mehd’s work for WPT here.

Photos from Sulawesi

Mehd has just spent a couple of days in Tasikoki Wildlife and Rescue Centre in northern Sulawesi as he is taking his World Parrot Trust colleague Richard Switzer around the Indonesian projects.
They even had time for a quick visit to Tangkoko National Park, and Richard got the opportunity to see one of his favourite birds; the Finch-billed Muna (or Grosbeak Starling).

As Mehd travels around Indonesia, I follow up with realising that our photo albums could be improved 🙂
But no harm done, I’ve just added a Sulwesi album. You find the new album here.
These photos are old, but we will update with newer and better photos soon.

Finch-billed Myna or Grosbeak Starling - Scissirostrum dubium

Finch-billed Myna or Grosbeak Starling – Scissirostrum dubium

Arfak photos updated

There are now some new photos in the Arfak album. These photos are a compilation of our two latest trips to Seth in the Arfaks.
A special thanks to Geert Beckers who provided the amazing photo of a male Dwarf Cassowary and his two chicks. The sighting of this species is quite unique to our knowledge.
Enjoy photos of displaying Black SIcklebills and Magnificent Birds of Paradise here.

Eight Birds of Paradise in 8 days

Yes, they pulled it off!
The group of photographers travelled to Waigeo and Nimbokrang and got:
Wilson’s Bird of Paradise
Red Bird of Paradise
Glossy Manucode
Jobi Manucode
King Bird of Paradise
Lesser Bird of Paradise
12-wired Bird of Paradise
Pale-Billed Sicklebill

New photos: Nimbokrang and Lake Sentani

I just realised there were no photos from Nimbokrang. Finally we have uploaded a few photos from the famous Jamil and his birding area. You find the new album here: Nimbokrang + Lake Sentani

Video of Umbrella Cockatoos at nest


A beautiful video of a pair of Umbrella Cockatoos (Cacatua alba) at nest.
Mehd is 75 meters away from the nest and is not disturbing their activities. The Umbrella Cockatoo is endemic to the island of Halmahera in eastern Indonesia.

Video of the bower of Vogelkop Bowerbird


This is one of the scenes you can expect when you travel in the Arfak Mountains.

And here is the anonymous architect:

The anonymous architect: Arfak Bowerbird

The anonymous architect: Vogelkop Bowerbird