Bird photos from Waigeo

Long overdue is the Waigeo photo album that you can find here.

Spaces available for Arfak+Waigeo 2 October

Just a reminder that we still have spaces available for Arfak + Waigeo 2nd October this year.
It is the only open bird tour we have this year and we are already fully booked for 2017.
Next chance you get to travel with us in 2018. Can you really wait that long?

You get the chance to see the amazing Wilson’s Bird of Paradise. Other Birds of Paradise we hope to see Red BOP, Superb BOP, Western Parotia, Arfak Astrapia and hopefully Long-tailed Paradigalla.

Join our next tour to Biak, Nimbokrang, Arfak, Sorong and Waigeo 1 May 2016

Biak, Nimbokrang, Arfak, Sorong and Waigeo 1 May 2016

Male Magnificent bird of paradise - Cicinnurus magnificus

Male Magnificent bird of paradise – Cicinnurus magnificus

Arfak photos updated

There are now some new photos in the Arfak album. These photos are a compilation of our two latest trips to Seth in the Arfaks.
A special thanks to Geert Beckers who provided the amazing photo of a male Dwarf Cassowary and his two chicks. The sighting of this species is quite unique to our knowledge.
Enjoy photos of displaying Black SIcklebills and Magnificent Birds of Paradise here.

Christmas in Arfak

Mehd is preparing to go for the really cool trip Arfak, Waigeo, Halmahera with a friend for Christmas and New Year. That’s a really good way to spend the holidays, don’t you think.
This trip will be focused on recording, so good tht there aren’t many people joining them 🙂

Papuan Bobook - Ninox theomacha

Papuan Bobook – Ninox theomacha

Birding Indonesia is helping confiscated parrots in north Sulawesi

Those of you who know us, know that we are passionate about parrots. So much that Mehd is working for World Parrot Trust as their Indonesia Program Manager.
We also work closely with Tasikoki Wildlife and Rescue Centre in north Sulawesi, both as a part of World Parrot Trust’s Indoensia Programme and as private persons.

Our plan was to meet up in Tasikoki after Mehd finished his latest tour, to do another follow up on the Red and Blue Lories that were rescued in November 2014 from a Phillipino smuggler.
Plans changed as we recieved an SMS from Simon at Tasikoki just days before Mehd Was leaving for Biak. A new batch of smuggled birds (this time from Papua) was on their doorstep – including 4 parrot chicks that still needed to be fed and loads of other birds.

Lena decided to fly up to Manado from Bali to give them some support and help out with the young ones for a few days.
This time the shipment came from Merauke in south Papua. It was 55 Black-capped Lories, 4 Sulphur-crested Cockatoos, one juvinile Eclectus male and three Cassowary chicks. The smugglers were the Indonesian military!
Birding Indoensia sent some emergency funds the same day we got the news. We also helped documenting all the Black-capped Lories while we were medicating and examining them. Most of the bird seemed at least half tame and have probably been kept as pet birds before the journey from Papua.
It seems like there are several different sub species – not only from the Merauke region.

Learning to eat

Learning to eat

Checking the health of a Black-capped Lory

Checking the health of a Black-capped Lory