Sulawesi photos updated

We have updated the Sulawesi Album with a few new photos. You can enjoy them here.

NEW! Red-bellied Pitta - Pitta erythrogaster celebensis

NEW! Red-bellied Pitta – Pitta erythrogaster celebensis

Photos from Sulawesi

Mehd has just spent a couple of days in Tasikoki Wildlife and Rescue Centre in northern Sulawesi as he is taking his World Parrot Trust colleague Richard Switzer around the Indonesian projects.
They even had time for a quick visit to Tangkoko National Park, and Richard got the opportunity to see one of his favourite birds; the Finch-billed Muna (or Grosbeak Starling).

As Mehd travels around Indonesia, I follow up with realising that our photo albums could be improved 🙂
But no harm done, I’ve just added a Sulwesi album. You find the new album here.
These photos are old, but we will update with newer and better photos soon.

Finch-billed Myna or Grosbeak Starling - Scissirostrum dubium

Finch-billed Myna or Grosbeak Starling – Scissirostrum dubium

Red and Blue Lories roosting

This video sequence of Red and Blue Lories roosting is way too dark, but you sure get a sence of what it sounds like to sleep under a roosting tree on the island of Krakelang in the Talauds.
Mehd was there together with Michael Wangko who is an expert on this species. He claims there are 9 roosting trees on the island and there are between 500-1000 birds roosting in each tree. That is the total wild population, as the Red and Blue Lory is extinct on other islands.

Birding Indonesia is helping confiscated parrots in north Sulawesi

Those of you who know us, know that we are passionate about parrots. So much that Mehd is working for World Parrot Trust as their Indonesia Program Manager.
We also work closely with Tasikoki Wildlife and Rescue Centre in north Sulawesi, both as a part of World Parrot Trust’s Indoensia Programme and as private persons.

Our plan was to meet up in Tasikoki after Mehd finished his latest tour, to do another follow up on the Red and Blue Lories that were rescued in November 2014 from a Phillipino smuggler.
Plans changed as we recieved an SMS from Simon at Tasikoki just days before Mehd Was leaving for Biak. A new batch of smuggled birds (this time from Papua) was on their doorstep – including 4 parrot chicks that still needed to be fed and loads of other birds.

Lena decided to fly up to Manado from Bali to give them some support and help out with the young ones for a few days.
This time the shipment came from Merauke in south Papua. It was 55 Black-capped Lories, 4 Sulphur-crested Cockatoos, one juvinile Eclectus male and three Cassowary chicks. The smugglers were the Indonesian military!
Birding Indoensia sent some emergency funds the same day we got the news. We also helped documenting all the Black-capped Lories while we were medicating and examining them. Most of the bird seemed at least half tame and have probably been kept as pet birds before the journey from Papua.
It seems like there are several different sub species – not only from the Merauke region.

Learning to eat

Learning to eat

Checking the health of a Black-capped Lory

Checking the health of a Black-capped Lory