Other animals

We do come across quite a few animals on our tours.
Mehd was travelling to Waigeo for vacation recently and came across this beautiful Waigeo Cuscus.

Waigeo Cuscus - Spilocuscus papuensis

Waigeo Cuscus – Spilocuscus papuensis

An amazing creature and they were six persons admiring it and taking photos of this magnificent creature:
When Mehd got back to Bali and started going throught the photos of his trip, he was very surprised to realized none of them had noticed this:

Waigeo Cuscus and Amethystine Python in the background

Waigeo Cuscus and Amethystine Python in the background

A huge snake was almost as close to them as the Cuscus.
The snake is an Amethystine Python – Morelia amethystina amethystina in the background. Thanks Des Hume for IDing both species!

This goes to show how much we probably miss seeing when we are out birding or whatever we ae looking for.

Snakes also reminded me of when Mehd was planning for a scouting trip to Merauke and Wasur National Park. The biotop in south Papua is very similar to Australia (as you can see in photos here) and I had only ONE request; “I don’t want a picture of a Taipan”.
And what did I get? Yes, you guessed it 🙂 A picture of a Taipan…

Common Taipan - Oxyuranus scutellatus

Common Taipan – Oxyuranus scutellatus

Bird photos from Waigeo

Long overdue is the Waigeo photo album that you can find here.

Arfak photos updated

There are now some new photos in the Arfak album. These photos are a compilation of our two latest trips to Seth in the Arfaks.
A special thanks to Geert Beckers who provided the amazing photo of a male Dwarf Cassowary and his two chicks. The sighting of this species is quite unique to our knowledge.
Enjoy photos of displaying Black SIcklebills and Magnificent Birds of Paradise here.

Video of the bower of Vogelkop Bowerbird


This is one of the scenes you can expect when you travel in the Arfak Mountains.

And here is the anonymous architect:

The anonymous architect: Arfak Bowerbird

The anonymous architect: Vogelkop Bowerbird

The Indonesia Nine – you can help them

As many of you know, Mehd works as World Parrot Trust’s Indonesia Programme Manager. He wanted to follow-up on the story and decided to visit the 8 surviving cockatoos and 1 Eclectus male in Maharani Zoo outside Surabaya.
They are in surprisingly good condition and are well looked after by the zoo staff. But of course they are in desperate need of funding and you can help by donating to our fund raising campaign.

Two of the surviving 8 Eleonora cockatoos

Two of the surviving 8 Eleonora Cockatoos

Six of the eight Eleonora Cockatoos rehabilitating in Maharani Zoo outside Surabaya

Six of the eight Eleonora Cockatoos rehabilitating in Maharani Zoo outside Surabaya

When Mehd researched some more and saw the birds, it was easy to see the mistake they’ve made in all newspapers. These are all Eleonora or Medium Sulphur-crested Cockatoos (Cacatua galerita eleonora) originating from Aru and introduced in Kai Islands.

We will follow up on this story as soon as Mehd is back in Indonesia in the beginning of July.

Geelvink Pygmy Parrot


As you all know we really love parrots and we really love Biak. So what could be better than a Biak parrot today?
Geelvink Pygmy Parrot – Micropsitta geelvinkiana misoriensis

When you google this species Mehd’s pictures are always at the top. It took some time to learn their behaviour and to spot them.

Flock of Eclectus Parrots in Numfor

Mehd shot this amazing video in 2013 when he went to Numfor with Australian friends.
How many parrots can you see?

I know this video has been upploaded both to our Facebook and to World Parrot Trust’s Facebook before, but it’s worth it’s own blog as well.

The Biak Blue

After all it is Saturday in most parts of the world right now, so why not enjoy some eye candy? The beautiful Biak Paradise Kingfisher. He always deliver for us and we have not been to Biak once without meeting him. And that despite the continuing logging that’s going on in the world and Biak is by no means an exception.

Happy weekend to you all!

Biak Paradise Kingfisher - Tanysiptera riedelii

Biak Paradise Kingfisher – Tanysiptera riedelii