Bird photos from Waigeo

Long overdue is the Waigeo photo album that you can find here.

Photos from Sulawesi

Mehd has just spent a couple of days in Tasikoki Wildlife and Rescue Centre in northern Sulawesi as he is taking his World Parrot Trust colleague Richard Switzer around the Indonesian projects.
They even had time for a quick visit to Tangkoko National Park, and Richard got the opportunity to see one of his favourite birds; the Finch-billed Muna (or Grosbeak Starling).

As Mehd travels around Indonesia, I follow up with realising that our photo albums could be improved 🙂
But no harm done, I’ve just added a Sulwesi album. You find the new album here.
These photos are old, but we will update with newer and better photos soon.

Finch-billed Myna or Grosbeak Starling - Scissirostrum dubium

Finch-billed Myna or Grosbeak Starling – Scissirostrum dubium

The Indonesia Nine – you can help them

As many of you know, Mehd works as World Parrot Trust’s Indonesia Programme Manager. He wanted to follow-up on the story and decided to visit the 8 surviving cockatoos and 1 Eclectus male in Maharani Zoo outside Surabaya.
They are in surprisingly good condition and are well looked after by the zoo staff. But of course they are in desperate need of funding and you can help by donating to our fund raising campaign.

Two of the surviving 8 Eleonora cockatoos

Two of the surviving 8 Eleonora Cockatoos

Six of the eight Eleonora Cockatoos rehabilitating in Maharani Zoo outside Surabaya

Six of the eight Eleonora Cockatoos rehabilitating in Maharani Zoo outside Surabaya

When Mehd researched some more and saw the birds, it was easy to see the mistake they’ve made in all newspapers. These are all Eleonora or Medium Sulphur-crested Cockatoos (Cacatua galerita eleonora) originating from Aru and introduced in Kai Islands.

We will follow up on this story as soon as Mehd is back in Indonesia in the beginning of July.

Geelvink Pygmy Parrot


As you all know we really love parrots and we really love Biak. So what could be better than a Biak parrot today?
Geelvink Pygmy Parrot – Micropsitta geelvinkiana misoriensis

When you google this species Mehd’s pictures are always at the top. It took some time to learn their behaviour and to spot them.

Umbrella Cockatoos on nest – video


An amazing video from Mehd’s Christmas trip to Halmahera.
These cockatoos are critically endangered and really difficult to find on Halmahera.
Filmed with Canon EOS 70D and Tamron 170-600 lens!

Flock of Eclectus Parrots in Numfor

Mehd shot this amazing video in 2013 when he went to Numfor with Australian friends.
How many parrots can you see?

I know this video has been upploaded both to our Facebook and to World Parrot Trust’s Facebook before, but it’s worth it’s own blog as well.

The Papua tour in July – August

Mehd has  just come back from a 20-day version of our 24-day Biak, Nimbokrang, Arfak, Sorong and Waigeo tour.  They’ve had a sucessful tour wit around 250 species of birds.

The group started with only two days in Biak, but managed to see the Biak Coucal (Centropus chalybeus) that can be a real skulker when the weather is good.

Biak Coucal
In Nimbokrang the group was very lucky with finding a bower of the Fawn-breasted Bowerbird (Chlamydera cerviniventris). It’s the first time the guide pak Jamil has found a bower in the forests of Nimbokrang. They also got Shovel-billed Kingfisher (Clytoceyx rex) and Hook-billed Kingfisher (Melidora macrorrhina).
Lesser Bird of Paradise (Paradisaea minor)

After Nimbokrang they went on to Arfak mountains. There they got some good records with Black SIcklebill (Epimachus fastosus) posing out in the sun, which is not normal behaviour for this species.
They also got 4-5 individuals of Long-tailed Paradigalla (Paradigalla carunculata) -a real treat – and a flock of Blue-collared Parrots (Geoffroyus simplex) flying over their heads!

Black Sicklebill (Epimachus fastuosus)

Black Sicklebill (Epimachus fastuosus)

The final leg was Sorong with Batanta and Salawati for Wilson’s and Red Birds of Paradise. There some nice Kinfishers and pigeons and doves as well, topping the list with the endemic Western Crowned Pigeon.

Western Crowned Pigeon (Goura cristata)

Western Crowned Pigeon (Goura cristata)

Follow-up on Red and Blue Lories (Eos histrio)

Mehd is on his way to Manado and Talaud Islands to check on the Red and Blue Lories that were confiscated in November 2013.
This project is through World Parrot Trust where Mehd is the Indonesia Project Manager.
Back in November 111 birds were confiscated on their way to Phillippines. Our hero Simon and his team at Tasikoki Wildlife Rescue Centre were able to take them all in and Mehd and I arrived at the centre just hours after the lories had arrived.
We were able within a day or so to ensure Tasikoki that World Parrot Trust would supply funds for the birds. Lories have an expensive taste in diet and adding that to an already strained budget is no ones dream senario.
Anyway, plans are to eventually realease fit birds (their flight feathers had been pulled and there has been some permanent damage) back to the island of Krakelang in the Talauds, which is the only island they still inhabit!
Red and Blue Lory